The Maybrick Estate

Two lovers embrace

The situation had become less about finding the others, but more about how quickly we could find the others and how we could do it in the safest possible way.

A part of me wanted to save my own ass and get myself out and as far away as possible, however there was the niggling guilt that pinched at the back of my neck. The house belonged to me, left to me by a father I hardly knew, but he was my father nonetheless. I could leave now, I was no ones prisoner however I knew I had nowhere to go - as putrid as this hell gate appeared it was the only thing I could call home. Even if I did find somewhere else to stay, I'm sure that the law would eventually catch up with me should Victor and Maria fail to make it out alive.

There was a dense, thick feeling as we sat around the table in the living area. A feeling that reminded me of the times back in high school when a group of us would all sit in Billy Meyers basement and pass a joint around and then buzz out on the couch to every little sight and sound like all of our senses had been heightened and everything little thing made sense like it had been obvious all along. It was that feeling I had now, however things were far from clear. I think I have more questions at this point in time than I've ever had in my entire life. Could I put this feeling down to tiredness? I knew I'd slept within the last 24 hours but It certainly didn't feel like it and it would seem as though Victor and Maria were suffering from the same sort of lethargy. Their heads clouded with thoughts forcing them to procrastinate from getting to their feet and finding their friends.
My vision melted before me - blurred, like I was suffering a severe case of conjunctivitis. Details became nothing more than outlines.
I tried in vain to wipe my vision clear again, realising at that moment that my body would not follow my thoughts. I was paralysed, every muscle pinned to the ground by unseen forces - unseen, but by no means not unheard. The room was alive with the sounds of whispers and barking laughter, and screams that seemed to do circuits inside and out of of my own conscious mind which pressed at the inside of my skull ten times more violently than any common migraine.

I remained conscious enough to feel my numb body being dragged across the wooden floor, dragged through numerous doors and hallways. Sensing a tightness around my ankles and hearing the breath of the person dragging me was all I could witness before my mind faded into complete darkness.

It was the sensation of pleasure that brought me back.

My vision had returned perfectly the moment I'd opened my eyes. I awoke to find myself in somewhat of a master bedroom which had been illuminated by nothing more than a single candle who's flame danced and flickered inside a rusted old glass lantern which sat in front of a mirror on top of a vanity table on one of the far walls. Shadows projected from the lantern against the crooked portraits and the faded leaf green and creme coloured wallpaper that looked as though it had been flaking and peeling from the walls for years without any attendance exposing rotten slats behind it.
It was these shadows, that projected the image - the reason behind the feeling of lust that washed over me as I awoke in this room.
I had company, and without even looking I knew it was Cadence. I sensed her presence, there was something in the way she smelt, the way she touched, they way her silhouette stroked the wallpaper with every moist wave her mouth made as she pleasured my shaft, vibrating me to the core with every gentle moan she exhaled.
I raised my head from the bed to catch a glimpse at her beauty - it was only then that I realised that I was chained by the wrists, ankles and chest to the four corner posts of the bed limiting my movement and making a good look virtually impossible.

"I know it's you Cadence......" I spoke aloud, not only fearing that breaking the near silence would bring an end to the ecstasy that she was performing on me but also fearing an outcome similar to the last man that I'd seen in her presence.

"What do you plan on doing with me? I continued

"More than your bitch of an ex wife ever did for you" She replied, her voice while sweet sounding seemed hollow and more inhuman than human. She wasn't wrong either, already she'd done more than what my ex had ever done for me.

"I'm gonna make you scream" I could feel her breath against my groin as she chuckled with that comment, the sensation was enough to make me even harder. My heart rate quickened.

"Fear not handsome, If I had any intention of killing you I would have done it already"
Her reassurance wasn't enough to settle me, I still wasn't ready to trust her, but in reality what more could I have done? she had me right where she wanted me and I was in no position to make an easy escape. However at the same time did I really want to leave? I couldn't deny that the feelings that I felt were pleasant ones and as my ex wife often stated: I never thought with the right head - as if she knew.
Cadence continued her performance, creating sensations that I never thought possible. It was like she had a forked tongue in which she used to wrap around my cock like a boa constrictor, and draw me deep inside her warm moist mouth which was cushioned by her full gentle lips.

My muscles grew tense, anticipating climax - she withdrew and pulled away.
"ah ah ah - not yet" she teased

She crawled up the bed on all fours, I could feel her nakedness as she brushed up against me, her silken hair tickling at my chest until she reached me, face to face. She looked deep into my eyes, they were warm and lustful. She kissed me passionately on the lips and whispered:
"I'll let you stay with me this time"
Her thighs squeezed tightly at my sides as she straddled. Her velvety smooth folds teasing inches away from the tip of my shaft. She eased herself down, slowly sliding down the entire length of my rod and drawing her self back up in quick succession. She breathed her essence into me as she moaned. Her eyes closed gently with satisfaction making her all the more beautiful. I pulled tightly against the restraints making the frame of the bed creak, I had no intention of escaping at that moment but rather begged to hold her tightly in my embrace.
She leant forward, brushing my lips with the soft flesh of her nipples as they teased with every upward motion. She became more vocal with her moans as her breathing and pace quickened, her thrusts pounding me harder and deeper into the bed.
Together we released, with a climax that shook the very foundations of the room itself as she quivered and exhausted moans so loud that it shattered the mirror on the vanity table.
Cadence slumped her body down and rested against my chest.

"On the eighth day, God did not rest........he created us" Cadence purred. If I had any clue what she was really referring to by that comment, I would probably be wrong.

"We've made something special" she sighed.

"That we did" I replied, satisfied to the point of nearing a far-too relaxed slumber.

"If I release you, will you run?"
"No, I wont.....I promise" She had me under her spell that easily, but I'd also seen what she was capable of so pissing her off wouldn't be on my list of good ideas for the day.

She unlocked and released the clasps from my wrists and ankles and removed the heavy chains from my chest. I was free but dared not move. She continued to straddle me in an upright position, her eyes fixed on mine and a devilish grin on her face. She trailed a finger up from my naval all the way up to my throat where she nicked the flesh with a fingernail. I flinched slightly.
"I thought you said you weren't going to kill me" I said, bold but slightly fearful.
She laughed, "No, I said if I wanted to kill you I would have done it the time I didn't feel like killing on the other hand"
She slumped herself forward in hysterics.
"Now.....I just want to see if you taste as sweet as you sound" She licked the blood that had trickled down my neck from the nick.
"mmmm you taste good......just like your Daddy"
The thought sickened me, "what?" I yelled in disgust, lifting her off me.
"Take it easy handsome" she laughed "I'm just yankin' your chain, you taste nothin' like your Daddy"
"Still messin' with you hun"
She got herself up off the bed and sat herself down at the the vanity table, her image reflected in each of the broken fragments of mirror, all of which projected her flawless beauty.

"We should really prepare ourselves for dinner" she stated.
"Excuse me?"

"It's Sunday, the family eats together on a're part of the family now", She smiled.
"And Mother has invited some guests whom she met during her time away, I believe you've already met them"

To be continued........
Next issue: Guess who's coming to dinner


Thanks enJAYneer. I was hoping to get some feedback on this post.

Wow the erotic scene made me feel so hot! Good job. The atmosphere of the story really helps in going into that climax-which hasn't happened yet.

Edit: Nonetheless is one word. You can delete this comment. You're a good writer.

Hi Theresa111 - thanks for stopping by and commented. I'll take note of my error and correct it :)






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