The Maybrick Estate

Darling Cadence



Cadence sat me down in one of the livin' room chairs and placed the silver platter and wine bottle on a small side table which she dragged across the room and positioned infront of me. She lifted the lid off the silver platter spinnin' around like a ballet dancer and bowing all in one fluid motion."And on todays menu, Sir Willard we have fried Prairie Oysters on a bed of baby spinach leaves and cherry tomatos" Her accent had changed to impersonate a Royal English accent which she had mastered very well.

I was apprehensive at first, I'd never had such a dish before and I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, I played with the egg sized balls of meat for a while with my fork tryin' to be subtle about my inspection. "What animal does an Oyster come from" I asked Cadence, pryin' fo' more information about the meal she had prepared before I tried my first bite. "Traditionally", she began, pausin' to find her words "Traditionally Oysters are from the ocean, have you ever seen the Ocean Willard?". I shook my head, as far as I was concerned the Ocean was only something that I could read about in the town Library, I still (to this day) wouldn't know where to find it. "So if Oysters are from the Ocean, then how'd you get them then" I asked Cadence. "Oh, these are a special kind of Oysters Willard, these Oysters come from the land, you should be honored, these are quite a delecacy" she grinned from ear to ear, it must have been from the thought of the magnificent animals that this meal had come from, a needful prompt that gave me the encouragement to dig my fork into the spongy meat and take my first bite. The taste was unbelievable, it was like there was a party in my mouth and everyone was invited. It had a melt-in-your-mouth creamy texture with a mild salty taste that left me hangin' for the next mouthful bite after bite. Cadence appeared to be pleased that I was enjoyin' myself, not once did she interupt me until I'd devoured the contents of the entire platter.

"Quite the appetite you have there my friend" She said. The term, while used briefly meant a great deal to me. Friend, was a word that I hadn't heard that often, and friends were somethin' that I didn't have a lot of, so it made me proud to hear those words no matter how insignificant or not that her use of the word was. She arose from her chair mad her way to one of the bookshelves where she removed a generously sized leather bound book from its resting place. She carried the heavy lookin' book to the table with ease and sat it beside the empty silver platter. Its cover was blank, not even a symbol on it like some of the other books, It was just a plain black leather book which was held together with a basic brass buckle, which she unfastened to open the front cover. It was a deceivin' piece of work, the book was hollow on the inside, infact to call it a book at all would be incorrect, it was more of a housin' for the contents inside, which consisted of drinking vessels which looked like they were made from either ivory or bone and were engraved with patterns that must have been rubbed with coal or indian ink to highlight their edges. Along with the vessels was a flawless, golden coloured blade, its handle too was made of the same material as the goblets except the handle was obviously carved in such a way to look like a skeletal spine.

Cadence removed the goblets from the book and placed them side by side on the table and then removed the sharp blade which she used to look at herself in its reflection. "so beautiful" she whispered. I wasn't sure if she was reffering to the blade or her reflection, but in my opinion I wouldn't have disagreed with the latter. She raised the blade above her head, her eyes still fixed on her own reflection. And then - whack! she swung the blade down in a stabbin' motion. It was so quick that it startled the shit out of me, but I was quick to realize that blade had entered the neck of the wine bottle sittin' on the table and was embedded in the cork which was removed in tact when she withdrew. "Lets make a toast" she said as she filled the goblets with wine, "To an everlastin' alliance between you and I". I liked the sound of of the word alliance, it sounded a lot deeper than simply callin' it a friendship. "Give me your hand" she asked, and I did so willin'ly, "we have to do this properly" she insisted, takin' a firm grip of my wrist with one hand and reachin' for the blade with the other. A single stroke of the sharp knife cleanly severed a vein, I could hardly feel it but it was the thought that made me wince the most. I put all of my trust in her so I wasn't afraid at the time. She cut her own wrist and the blood flowed just as easily. She clasped my hand, interlockin' our thumbs as if ready to arm wrestle, the vessels were placed under our elbows lettin' our minglin' blood trickle into the wine. The sting of the wound became more obvious to me the harder she clenched at my hand. She had a rather transfixed stare on our blood, it was a rather unusual look, a look of insanity that I didn't think possible for a girl as beautiful as her to make. "Let us drink" she said, her eyes meetin' mine as she let go of my hand. "I'm not sure that I want too" I said, a little apprehensive about the idea, "Is drinkin' one anothers blood all that sanitary?" I asked. "You live in a whore house Willard, and you're complainin' about MY blood being sanitary" She calmly scolded. She did have a point, I could see her reasonin' although the Lady Belle did have a strict cleanin' routine.

So we drank, swallowin' the cocktail down in large gulps and together finishin' within seconds, both of us slammin' the drinkin' vessels down on the table on completion and lettin' out a large satisfyin' sigh of relief in unison like we'd just made love. "The alliance has be made, we serve one another, together, we are one" Cadence advised, "It's been a long time comin', we've been waitin' for someone like you Willard". I was unsure as to whom exactly the "we" was that she was refferin' to, but I had the impression that it extended further than just her and I. "Can you feel it Willard?" Cadence asked "Can you feel me inside you? can you feel US inside you?". I did, I felt it - I no longer felt singular, instead I felt plural - I no longer felt pre-pubesant, instead I felt like I'd lived, like I had the knowledge of generations sendin' shockwaves to every livin' cel on my body. "I can feel you Cadence" I answered, "I can feel all of you". The feelin' was intense, I could not only feel, but I could see my.......our blood coursin' through my veins, pulsatin' through by body and thumpin' away at my head like migrane that was more pleasure than pain. "Ride it through Willard, theres no turning back now" Cadence told me assurin'ly. My heart was poundin' with a mixture of panic and exstacy. I lusted over the sensation I was feelin', but at the same time had no idea of what was happenin' to me.

And thats all I remember of that moment.

Next thing I know, I waking up in a, dimly lit room. Dust particles danced about in a small beam of settin' sunlight that cut through the darkness via a small window above me. I was strapped and bound by leather belts to a frail and rusted metal framed bed. The dirty stripped mattress had a strong smell of body odor and was in no state for anyone in their right mind to sleep comfortably on. The room itself lacked colour, from what I can say to describe it was that it was simply "brown", as if it was a room that had been forgotten about since..... well since forever and left to accumulate a thick layer of dust and spider webs. It was far from being anywhere near as desirable as the rest of the house. "Hello?" I called, "Cadence? where are you? where am I?". My calls were interrupted by the slitherin' clink of chains bein' dragged across the wooden floor boards coming from an unlit corner of the room. "Who's there?" I called out into the shadows. "Fear not my love" returned a hauntin'ly familiar voice. I wasn't Cadence however - It was the voice that I'd heard comin' from behind one of the doors while I was In the hallway. I was not alone in this room. "Cadence?" I called out once again, ignorin' the voice that was comin' from the corner of the room. "She can hear you my love, she's just a little tied up at the moment". Before I could respond the child-like voice was interrupted with a gruff "He is not my love, bitch!", a second voice from which also came from the direction as the first. I was in the company of two others. "Who are you? what is it that you want?". My question was answered with high pitched childs laughter, " They call me Gemini, I am Cadences' Sister....Brother" replied the two voices in unison. The sound of the chains draggin' across the floor and the shuffling of footsteps drew closer to me, I could hear Gemini's heavy breathin' and could make out her/his silhouette approaching the beam of sunlight. Gemini laughed again and threw her head into the sunlight, mere inches away from my face - she was split, straight down the middle. I say she, because the right hand side was was the perfect spittin' image of Cadence, beautiful if it weren't for a few bruises, a bloodshot eye and lookin' generally emaciated. The left hand side on the other hand, scarred, skeletal and bloody. A masculine jawline protruded from an open flesh wound exposin' teeth and bone, the eyelid drooped as if it had been torn from the face and left to heal without stitches exposin' a yellowish bloodshot eye which darted from left to right in an eyesocket clumped with pus. In contrast to the right hand side whos features looked relatively groomed, hair neatly combed and decorated with a bow, the left hand side was almost bald, aside from a few tufts of hair that grew in random areas of the otherwise exposed scalp. The body itself leaned slightly to the left, its obvious weaker side whos leg was merely a splint holdin' them up and whos arm hung lifelessly at its side. "Can you see what this bitch did to me" the gruff voice spoke. "Willard wants to know what we want" the childish voice spoke, ignorin' the other persona. "What I want is to take a knife to your fuckin' throat", the gruff voice returned. The right side of Gemini frowned and replied "To bad, you've lost your control - girls are stronger, they live longer" spoke the childish voice, " And that is why we wear a dress". Clearly Geminis throat was also covered by a heavy steel clasp with was attached to a length of chain that trailed off into the dark corner of the room from which she came from.

Gemini placed her right hand on my restrained leg and awkwardly sat down on the bed beside me. I was disturbed by her grotesque looks but not afraid for some reason, I felt like I knew her, like I loved her like we were family, I felt her inside me like I felt Cadence. She moved her hand closer toward my privates. I realised at that moment that I was missing my shorts. She wrapped her thin boney fingers around my member as if about to snap the neck of a chicken and whispered to me in my ear, "Willard, you've already given me what I want" and kissed me on the cheek, the gruff voice whisperin' "Whore" in return. The moment was disturbed by the metallic sound of a crank turnin' from somewhere outside of the room we were in. "Fuck!" Gemini's voices spoke together, as the chain around her neck suddenly went taut and slowly dragged Gemini step by step back into the dark corner of the room. A door slowly opened near the foot of the bed with a gust of wind that disturbed the dust that had settled on the floor and showerin' the room with light from the hallway. It was Cadence, she cautiously entered the room, turning to speak to Gemini who was trying to struggle free from the steel brace around her neck. "Settle down now Gemini, you know why", Cadence soothed. Gemini's hand slumped to her side and she relaxed a little. "Is it done?" Cadence asked Gemini. "Its done" Gemini's childish voice confirmed her right hand rubbin' her belly. "Filth!" the gruff voice spat.

Cadence sat beside me on the bed and ran her fingers though my hair, she huffed a small laugh "Its done" and she smiled. She gently unbuckled the leather restraints and helped me to my feet, I was In shock. Deep down I knew what "done" meant but I wasn't sure if I was ready to believe it. "Here, you'll be needing these" Cadence said, throwin' my shorts at me, "Its time to go home Willard". It was then that I remembered why I was even there at the Estate, what my mission had been before even meetin' Cadence. I had to find the delivery man and bring back some alcohol for Gran'ma and our Guests at the Lady Belle. "I have it sorted Willard, you're not to worry".

She read mind, I could feel her in there - stiring away at my brain.

Again, from that point details are vague my mind was a blur. I came to in the arms of one of the regular patrons of the Lady Belle, he was standin' before Gran'ma, "I assume he belongs to you" he said "He was cold passed out in your entrance way". I was panic stricken, it looked as though the Lady Belle had started fillin' up and I'd come home empty handed. Gran'ma looked at me in shock "Willard my boy, where have you been, I was worried sick - the alcohol was delivered, sittin' at the front door hours ago". She had a flustered look about her " granted the delivery was entirely of red wine but the boys seem to be likin' it, sales are through the roof - did you not catch a ride home with the delivery man?". I didn't know, my mind was still cloudy. I couldn't give her a clear answer. I scanned my eyes aross the bar lookin' out to the dancers and seeing the men hollah and clink their glasses of wine together, buyin' and pourin' bottle after bottle of wine. All I could think about was Cadence, I could hear her voice tellin' me over and over:

"Send them home Willard, send them home"

To be Continued.......

Next Issue: Trust I seek


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